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Microeconomics Course


No expensive tutoring lessons for microeconomics tutoring, complete video course for 25 €!



   complete semester summarized



tutoring for your studies by video course everywhere, everytime



improve your grades!



Did you not unterstand something right away?Etwas auf Anhieb nicht verstanden? No porblem, just rewind!



The Microeconomics Video Course is the perfect replacement for classic tutoring. In order to be well prepared for the exam, you would probably have to take several tutoring lessons. Given the complex topic, the tutoring sessions would be very expensive. Save a lot of money with the microeconomic video course!

My goal is to teach you the topic in a minimum of time. For this I have created the Microeconomics video course. Learn fast and efficiently. The topics are summarized as compactly as possible without omitting relevant topics. Everything you need to know is explained in a simple and understandable way in the video course. In the video, the topics are presented vividly. So you can fully dedicate yourself to the topic. The advantage of the video course is that you can watch the explanations as often as you want and at your own pace. Pause the video and try to recalculate!


Be flexible with video courses: Learn on the go. No matter if you are in the bus or in the train. Watching the video makes learning for the exam more fun. Thus you learn much more efficiently and at the same time you improve your grades.


With the Microeconomics video course you get the perfect preparation for your exam. Spare yourself the time to read explanations in thick textbooks.